Career Advice Less Computer, More Face Time

Here’s a math problem for you: Take a look at your life over the past days, weeks, or months, and compare how much you spent in front of a screen (including phone, computer, TV), with how much time you spent face-to-face with someone. If you’re like a lot of us, the screen time wins out over face time, every time.

Here’s what we also know: When it comes to landing bigger opportunities, more business, or promotions, it’s face time that counts. We know that people do business with people they know, like, and trust, and it’s hard for most of us to build that trust through email alone.

That’s where things can get tough: How do we get more face time in front of our managers, clients, buyers, when the majority of our life is spent on email, or texting, or working virtually from our home offices? Here are a few thoughts:

Set face time goals. I once had a professor in business school who told us to have -lunch once a week.- In other words, each week, we should set a goal of having lunch (or coffee, or whatever) with someone new. Whether it’s lunch with someone new once a week, or reconnecting (in person) with your biggest clients or former employers once a quarter, set some personal face time goals for yourself to meet.

Create face time -economies of scale.’ There are times when you can get plenty of face time bang for your buck – think of speaking at a chapter meeting of your association, joining a volunteer committee, or taking advantage of other opportunities to get in front of a large group. No, this won’t provide you with an intimate one-on-one meeting with someone, but it does remind others that you’re still out there and keeps you fresh in their minds.

Rethink the classic -face time’ definition for yourself. We’re given thousands of ways to inexpensively connect with customers, family, and friends, without having to spend the time and money to get on a plane or drive through traffic. Skype, videoconferencing, webinars, an interactive blog, and frequent, helpful communication go a long way in creating virtual face time with our communities. Still, when you consider the best relationships in your life, whether professional or personal, it’s probably been face time that’s made that happen. After all, it’s great to Skype with Mom, but that’s no substitute for a hug. Apply this lesson to your career, and use face time strategically to strengthen your relationships.

Make The Right Career Choice Through Astrology Career Prediction

In todays world it is very important to have financial as well as professional success. Only if you have a successful career, can you attain financial growth which in deed is very important. These days each person is anxious about having a high profile career and financial status. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to make the right career choice. This is where Astrology could be of great help as the type of education and profession that would suit you the best could be well forecasted.

A well-read astrologer can sketch a career horoscope on the basis of your birth details. In fact, astrologers after deep analysis of your horoscope can predict the most appropriate career options for you besides highlighting and disclosing the time phase best suitable for your education.

In fact, professional astrologers can provide you with some remedies to get rid of the ill effects of certain malefic planets and their position on your horoscope. These remedies will provide you with high level of success in your career besides the much required work satisfaction, affluence and admiration. Career prediction through astrology will give you an insight for decision that you need to take on a regular basis, something that will bring you to a never-ending growth in your profession.

Many a times, people do not get contended of what they have and long for a better career and financial status. Career forecast through astrology can guide as well as help them determine the most appropriate career path. According to astrology, the third house represents the home of education. It corresponds to your facility for gaining knowledge, and scholarly capabilities. The third house is ruled by the sun sign Gemini, and the planet Mercury, and provides a platform for choosing the right type of schooling and subjects, together with college education that would allow you to prosper and achieve success in your career.

However, the ninth house is considered to be the home of higher learning. It encompasses fields of study such as science, spirituality, philosophy, and few others. The ninth house is ruled over by the Sun sign Sagittarius, and the planet Jupiter. The ninth house corresponds to what you can accomplish, not just in terms of knowledge, but also through your instinctive and tentative abilities.

Astrology is an age old practiced science for predicting the future of a persons life depending on the planetary movements and the alignment of stars. With expert advice from learned astrologers, parents can assess the potential of their kids besides getting an idea of the field of study or career path wherein their child can achieve maximum success.

Your Career Choice Pros And Cons Of Being A Paleontologist

Robert Bakker, Rinchen Barsbold, Kenneth Carpenter, Thomas Holtz…

If these names are familiar to you, then this article should be more than interesting and helpful. All of them demonstrated successful achievements in the same sphere; the sphere that you want to choose as your major occupation; the sphere where scientists spend much of their time to study all forms of life during different periods by means of evaluating and analyzing fossils. It is all about paleontology.

Nowadays people like to choose not ordinary occupations in order to get more chances to find good jobs, earn good money, and provide themselves with good future. If you still have some doubts about your career in paleontology, the following pros and cons should help you make a choice.


1.A paleontologist gets an access to different kinds of work from real outside experiments to simple work in office;

2.A variety of work provides paleontologists with a chance to get high salary;

3.There are many types of paleontologists, this is why they have always chances to choose another work, try themselves at different occupations, and enlarge their levels of knowledge;

4.The work of paleontologist aims at studying human life and discovering its main secrets.


1.A lot of education is usually required for people who want to become paleontologist;

2.It is necessary to have appropriate practice before start working;

3.It is important to know how to work in a group of people and how to work independently;

4.The sphere of paleontology requires research, knowledge, and practice, this is why scientists should study new material almost always.

So, if you have time, you are welcome to evaluate the perspectives of the chosen profession and your own chances to achieve success in paleontology. Do not hurry up to make fast decisions. Be sure of your choice and your skills!

Distance Mba Hcs Program- Mark A Career And Manage To Lead!

A distance MBA Health Care Services degree now shares the spotlight with other management courses. With the fast-paced globalization, health care ventures are diversifying to new segments to render effective services. More so, with India, gearing up as the next big health care destination, there is increased demand for health management systems and resources to be in place. Add to that, the internet has provided one global interface, where resources from around the world can connect to each other. This applies well to health/medical care as well, which opens up new job vistas for professionals in health care services. The Distance MBA HCS program helps in generating the right skill-set demanded by the industrial scenario, for planning, organizing and coordinating different processes involved in this field. Streamlining the objectives with the current demand, the distance learning mode for the MBAHCS is considering the limited campus availability, the lesser number of colleges offering the program and lack of affordability for management programs. Moreover, the Internet medium has facilitated better performance of students in distance education, through effective deployment of resources.

The career options for an MBA health care services degree holder are innumerable and lucrative as well. The MBA HCS professionals can find job avenues in biomedical start-ups, consulting, pharmaceutical R &D, hospital or medical center and health Insurance. The different designations, after a distance MBA Health care services program are that of a Hospital administrator, General Manager, manager, junior administrators in the health care industry and related sectors. The health care services management professionals can be lead a hospital or health care professionals.

Discerning the demand for competent managerial skills in health care industry, SMUDEs distance MBA in Health care services is aligned with the industrial objective. The comprehensive courseware complies with an updated curriculum, as in demand by industry standards. The learning modules mediated through exquisite e-learning modules, cover academic and non-academic training through live demos, seminars and chat-sessions with industry-mentors. The entire process of distance learning at SMUDE drives the student to a close-to-campus experience. With over 725 learning centers spread across the country, the UGC and DEC recognized university ensures that the students remain in-trend with the industrial scenario. And, the distance MBA HCS program at SMUDE not just certifies but delivers a job-ready health-care professional.

Why Is Alternative Medicine A Rewarding Career Option

With the ever-increasing cost and undesirable side effects of the conventional Western method of medicine, we have witnessed a constantly increasing interest in alternative medicine system. While there is an alternative medicine school in almost every part of the world now, aspiring alternative medicine practitioners are still doubtful about this as a prospective career option. However, contrary to the standard notion, alternative medicine actually has much scope now as an effective career. The speed at which each new alternative medicine school is opening now is itself an indication of the future scope of this career.

The career you take up will depend on the level of education you obtained from your alternative medicine school. If you are business minded, you may get into selling herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and various other holistic products. If you belong to an agricultural background, you may get involved in cultivation of herbs. You will definitely have a never failing career as a massage therapist, as so many spas and gyms that are sprouting everywhere need the same. Even standard acupuncture clinics and Ayurveda centers are more interested in people who are licensed practitioners from some alternative medicine school rather than those with knowledge only and no degree.

If you take up alternative medicine as a career option, not only will your career be very financially rewarding, but your cost of education from an alternative medicine school will be very minimal as well. An alternative medicine schools gives you the provision of distance learning, whereby you can obtain your degree online, studying and researching in your own surroundings. This is particularly beneficial for students who want to study from a different country. You will not have to attend regular classes at an alternative medicine school, you can obtain your degree online wherever you are, and your graduation will be very speedy as well.

One country where alternative medicine has become a very flourishing and promising career option is India. India is the land where many traditional alternative medicine therapies like Ayurveda, Unani, and Yoga originated. Even today, most rural areas in India have alternative medicine in the form of traditional knowledge as the only form of treatment in their areas. In a developing country like India, where so many alternative medicine therapies have been practiced for years, this career is of enormous scope for it is not only very cost effective but also has no harmful side effects.

There are abundant alternative medicine schools in India offering degrees and diplomas in many alternative medicine courses. Students qualified from alternative medicine schools in India are getting employment in treatment centers, hospitals, training centers, resorts, spas and so on. And with the introduction of distance learning, many foreign students who acquire degrees online from the alternative medicine schools in India, are also being able to get various job opportunities in their respective countries.

Make Career Advancement With Hit Haldia

With so many engineering institutes in and around Kolkata, it’s very difficult to choose the right institute which can help you to move in the right direction. Career decisions are very important and if taken at the right time, can help you in getting the taste of success. Make sure you choose the right institute which is in line with your career goals.

Haldia Institute of Technology is one of the largest private institutions in West Bengal. This institute is accredited by NBA NAAC and recognized by AICTE. If you are sure that you want to become a B.E, B.Tech or a M.Tech, then this institute will give your career a platform and an opportunity for you to flourish. An institute can make a big difference in your life in terms of career development, job opportunities, job satisfaction and happiness.

In this competitive market, where laying your hands on a good job is so difficult, an institute like this will be act as a goldmine in your career. You can also go for Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Management Programs, Graduate Management Programs, Post Graduate Management Programs which the institute offers.

One of the better education institutes on the outskirts of Kolkata, HIT has an extensive infrastructure which is tailor made to provide the best facilities to the students. Spread over 50 acres of land, this institute is well equipped with central computing facilities, seminar halls and audio visual facilities. A state of the art research center will help students to complete their research in various subjects and disciplines. The institute is adorned with Young Teacher Fast Track Awards, DST and Industry sponsored projects.

HIT has a central library building with digital library facilities. You will be amazed by the collection of books, magazines and periodicals. All kind of modern facilities like cafes, banking facilities, medical stores, hospitals, gymnasium, sports and yoga centers, departmental stores and post office are just few minutes’ walk from the campus.

Now you must be thinking about the hostel facilities. So don’t worry, the administrative department has looked into this need of yours too. The institute has separate well furnished boys and girls hostel with 24 hour internet connection. It also offers various scholarships and free studentship facilities so students from every sphere of life can take admissions. If you are worrying about the placements, then this is the last thing to worry about. Haldia Institute of Technology provides the best placement for all its students.

HIT is situated on the outskirts of the city, away from the hustles and bustles of the city, in the middle of the some big industries. So if you’re looking for career mobility and want to take home a fat paycheck, then choose wisely and let HIT pave the way for you.

Considering A Career In Acting Film Acting School

Have you thought about a career in acting? Most people who are successful in acting school know they want to act from a very young age and base their life decisions on it. Film school is one of the things you will need to think about. In fact which acting school to attend could be the most vital choice you make it in your acting career.

The first thing you are going to need is determination; have you any idea how many times most top actors were turned down for jobs before they made it big? If you are the type of person who cannot cope with rejection or falls over at the first hurdle, you can stop looking for an acting school right now. Acting is not for you.

If you think you are tough enough to handle the inevitable rejections that are coming your way as you try to make it in the acting profession then consider the next important point. Have you got any talent? Any acting school worth its salt will not let you past the door unless they genuinely think you have got the talent it takes to make it in this extremely competitive industry.

Popular opinion would have it that you need to be super attractive to make it in the film industry, this is not always true. Much more important than looks is talent. If you do not have it, you will not make it; it is as simple as that. You do not have to be one of the most beautiful people around but you do have to be the most talented. Most reputable film schools will assess your ability in this area and give you a frank account of your chances. Any film college that fails to do that is letting you down and leading you to waste your time and money. You should look for a film school that will be honest with you.

It is entirely possible that for you a career in film is not an acting career and you may not even realize this until you get to acting school. For that reason a film school that offers other options and some flexibility may be just what you need. Film production school or even film editing school may be more up your alley so a school that allows you to give each of these a try is essential if you have any doubt about acting school.

If, however you are set on being an actor then you are probably one of those people who has a true passion for it. You will need a film school that can turn that passion into the acting skills that you will need to make it in this highly competitive field of film production. IAFT is emerging as one of the leading authorities in this. Their professional website is full of information

Technical Career – Master To Code

According to the Pc Scientific disciplines Instructors Relationship, the number of U.S. higher universities providing preliminary computer science decreased to 69% this year from 78% in 2005. While a effort study reviews that 52 percent of U.S. organizations had trouble completing essential positions; the study can handle data from the U.S. Work Office displaying that more than three thousand technical function remain unfilled for months.

These hard-to-fill opportunities tend to be in Internet technological innovation, machine function, and technological innovation job areas, though medical and sales also top the list.

The Wall Road Publication lately revealed Helping Projects Get the Selection Trend, which represents real and cost-effective possibilities for individuals considering discovering how to value and program, a selecting need that prevails today that is not being met because we don’t have the qualified ability available.

There was a time, 20 30 years ago when most of the complex organizations that you can buy qualified ability to load needs. They had to as there were not enough available qualified ability. Our complex growth in this country has ongoing while the expenditures associated with exercising have improved as well. Companies ceased exercising as the expenditures were higher and competition used selecting qualified ability from the organizations making the investment. Companies used universities to practice, an high-priced undertaking and not a region that all learners were considering seeking. For these and other reasons we don’t have enough complex ability available and need more.

Leave it up to business owners in the private segment to comprehend a issue of useful size and create a solution that is a good idea. With our technological innovation and productiveness developments, why wouldn’t we have the ability to practice more individuals quicker at reasonable prices and fix the issue. It appears the answer is lastly here and we are on our way!

So, if you are out of function, are considering modifying to a complex career or comprehend you need new skills as you want to function past traditional pension age, check out these new on the internet and physical complex exercising possibilities reinforced by exciting business designs.

Treehouse Region Inc.: “The service, which begins at $25 a month, educates sessions on the web in topics like Web development and building mobile phone applications. Users carrier up exclusive badges for concluding tests and value issues.” WSJ

Competition Codecademy: “The website’s on the internet workouts have been used nearly 30 thousand times since its May release.” WSJ

General Assembly: “A university for technological innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. We provide instructional computer encoding, space, and support to assist in collaborative methods and discovering possibilities across a group influenced by the business experience.” Home

These remedies are exciting and we will see more education remedies that you can buy in the future. Next up we need electricians…

Refrigeration Engineering A Rewarding Career

If you are looking for a career in a technical field particularly in engineering, air conditioning & refrigeration engineering is a good choice. It has good career prospects considering the fact that many businesses and industries rely on refrigeration engineering. From food and packaging industry to high consumer appliance industries, all require engineers for temperature-based processes. Moreover, salaries are very good in this career. The spectrum for jobs and openings is not limited to industrial applications. Residential needs for air conditioning are also taken care of by refrigeration engineers. The aspects involved in this career profile vary from installation, maintenance and servicing to development, research and design of new technologies.

There are many reasons that make it a popular choice:

Development of new technologies leads to the creation of new opportunities.

The nature of the field provides scope for the development of new methods and research.

The high demand and need for refrigeration applications ensures the constant availability of job opportunities.

Since, it is a highly technical career; the salaries are very attractive under the profile.

Specialisation in different aspects relating to refrigeration air conditioning provides more skill and grip about specific applications. From understanding client needs and requirements to designing the blueprints and plans, fall under this career option. Hence, we can say that scope is not limited to field job. This field provides constant challenges to test your skills and knowledge from time to time. Food industries, super stores, super markets, food chains, cold storages, shipping industries etc. – all need an engineer for climate-controlled environments to be maintained.

There are many colleges, schools and institutes where one can study air conditioning engineering. Thermodynamics, energy conservation, air conditioning etc, are some of the main subjects related to this career. In addition to this, one can opt for higher-level education in the same field to build a strong knowledge base. Relevant certifications are also provided to confirm a persons capability to work in this technical field.

Therefore, an engineering career in refrigeration is a good choice as it provides high-paying technical jobs and constant scope for development and growth.

Animation Career & Top Animation Institutes In India

Animation in India has emerged as one of the most promising career options. One can make out the same from the wide-ranging Television Programs, cartoons, advertisements, animated movies, and computer games that are created to cater to varied entertainment requirements. Today, a large number of government and private animation studios & production houses can be seen mushrooming around and proving immense career opportunities in the field of Animation. So, what are the career opportunities in Animation and from where one can get specialization in it? Continue reading to find out the answer.

Career Opportunities In Animation:

Indeed, an artistic mind can do wonders and world eventually recognizes it. The same holds true for an animator who has a vast number of career opportunities to explore. Below-mentioned are some of the jobs that one can get as animator:


Story Broad Artist

Character animator

Background artist

Layout artist

2D animator

Scanner operator

Compositing artist

Special effects artist

Audio & video specialist

Texture artist

Rigging artist

Clean-up artist

Lighting artist


Key frame animator

Rendering artist

3D animator


Top Animation Institutes In India Are As Follows:

To kick start your career in the field of animation, first get specialization as animator from any of the leading institutes mentioned below:

Arena Multimedia

National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

Tekno Point Multimedia

Picasso Animation

Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)

Whistling Woods International

MasscoMedia, Noida

Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)

The Toonz-Webel Academy

The JJ School Of Arts

Hearts Animation Academy

Global School of Animation

Apeejay Institute of Design, South Delhi

Escotoonz Animation

Institute Of Multimedia Arts & Graphic Effects (Image) Bangalore, India

Dhiyoh International School of Design (DISD), Pune, India

Get admission in the leading Animation Institute, if you want to have bright Animation Career. Well, there are several ways that you can choose to find information about the Top Animation Institutes in India, but to get right and complete information, choose to contact SabkaCareer. It is one of the widely known names as Online Education Portal. The professionals at SabkaCareer are there to guide you about the top most Animation Institutes in India as well as will help you to understand the scope for Career in Animation. Visit and know in detail about the right Course, College, Tutors, Scholarships, Trainers, etc.